"It's my mission to inspire others to overcome life's challenges and live their best lives in Christ."

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About Me

I am a Caribbean girl living in Texas with my husband of 24 years, my two love babies. A few weeks out of the hospital as a baby my belly button reopened and I almost bled to death but God saw a future I couldn’t see and foiled the plan of the enemy. After having gone through so many adversities, I found … even in that.. God was and is able to turn anything around for His glory and my good. Thanks for visiting my site, I hope to encourage you through my Facebook Live teachings, the resources I’ve written or face to face in your city, congregation or event one day. I live to give and I give to live, believing at the core of my being, adversity can be a great set up to launch us instead of a set back to imprison us. I love beaches, cooking, joking around and people … lots of people. Stay in Touch.

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